End-User Quarantine

Deep Discovery Email Inspector includes the End-User Quarantine (EUQ) feature to improve spam management. Messages that are determined to be spam are quarantined and are available for users to review, delete, release, or approve for delivery. You can configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to automatically send EUQ digest notifications with inline action links. With the web-based EUQ console, users can manage the spam quarantine of their personal accounts and of distribution lists that they belong to and add senders to the Approved Senders list.

For quarantine storage maintenance, you can manually remove data or configure automatic data purge thresholds.

For more information, see Configuring Storage Maintenance.


When Deep Discovery Email Inspector is registered to Deep Discovery Director 5.0 (or later), Deep Discovery Director provides central management of End-User Quarantine settings. After registration is successful, Deep Discovery Email Inspector performs the following actions:

  • Obtains EUQ settings from Deep Discovery Director and prevents manual configuration of EUQ settings on the management console

  • Stops sending EUQ digests

  • Disables EUQ console access