What's New

Table 1. What's New in Deep Discovery Director 1.1



Virtual Analyzer image Deployment

Deep Discovery Director now enables the centralized deployment of Virtual Analyzer images to Deep Discovery products. To facilitate this, the Directory, Plans, and Repository screens now display additional Virtual Analyzer images related information.

Configuration replication

Deep Discovery Director now enables the centralized replication of configuration settings of Deep Discovery products. To facilitate this, the Directory, Plans, and Repository screens now display additional configuration replication related information.

Custom views

The Directory screen now enables creating and saving of custom views. There are three preset custom views specifically tailored to the needs of each plan type, which can be further customized to your liking.

Bandwidth usage throttling

New bandwidth usage throttling settings help manage the impact downloading and uploading of files may have on your network and internet connection.

Enhanced plan schedule settings

In addition to the server deployment start and appliance execution start times, the plan schedule settings now enable the Appliance Download Period—the time period during which appliances are allowed to download the files required to execute the plan—and the Appliance Execution Start—the date and time when the appliances start executing the plan—to be set independently from each other.

Enhanced file upload options

To facilitate the uploading of large Virtual Analyzer image files, Deep Discovery Director now enables up to three Virtual Analyzer image files to be uploaded via SFTP or network share folder at the same time.

Enhanced system logs

The System Logs screen now enables logs to be directly readable, searchable, and filterable on the management console.

System alerts

Deep Discovery Director monitors a variety of events and can be configured to generate alerts to inform users of those events. Alerts can be configured to be sent through email.

System status

The new System Status screen displays the utilization of key hardware components.

Product activation

As a management solution to other Deep Discovery products, Deep Discovery Director can be activated with the Activation Code of any Deep Discovery product.

Back up and restore

Use the Back Up screen to export a backup file of the Deep Discovery Director configuration settings and database, and the Restore screen to restore or revert configuration settings and database to the point of backup.

Firmware upgrades

In addition to hotfixes and patches, the new Firmware screen now enables Deep Discovery Director to install firmware upgrades.