Uploading Files

Information about files that are being uploaded to Deep Discovery Director is displayed in this tab.

To cancel a file upload, click on the x beside the upload.

File uploads are done in the following stages:

Table 1. File Upload Stages



1: Calculating

The first parts of the file upload are being verified to ensure that the file upload is valid.

2: Uploading to the repository

The file is being uploaded to the repository. All SFTP server and network folder file uploads can be cancelled by any user.


In Distributed mode, files are temporarily uploaded to the Management Server first before being uploaded to the Central Repository server. Browser uploads that are in the stage of being uploaded to the Management Server can only be cancelled by the uploader. Afterward the browser upload can be cancelled by any user.

3: Processing

The file upload to the repository has completed and integrity is being verified. File uploads cannot be cancelled in this stage.

File uploads display the following information:

Table 2. Information about File Uploads



File name

The file name.

(X KB / MB / GB)

The file size in KB / MB / GB.

Time left

The estimated time until the file upload is complete based on the file size and upload speed.

(X KB/s / MB/s / GB/s)

The upload speed in KB/s / MB/s / GB/s.