Adding a Hotfix / Critical Patch / Firmware Deployment Plan

Use this type of plan to deploy product updates and upgrades to compatible appliances.

  1. Go to Appliance Updates > Plans and click on Add.

    The Add Plan screen appears.

  2. Type a plan name with a maximum of 256 characters.
  3. Select Hotfix / Critical patch / Firmware as type.
  4. (Optional) Type a description.
  5. Select a hotfix, critical patch, or firmware file from the list.

    Deep Discovery Director displays the list of files that are available on the repository server. Verify that the file matches the product and language of the target appliances.

  6. Select target appliances. Deep Discovery Director only displays compatible appliances.

    Installing updates automatically restarts the target appliances.

  7. Specify the schedule.
    • Custom: Deploys the plan, downloads the files, and executes the plan as specified.

      • Server deployment start and expiration

      • Appliance download period

        • All day

        • From HH:MM to HH:MM

      • Appliance execution start

        • Immediately after downloading

        • By schedule

    • Immediate: Starts immediately after the plan is saved.

  8. Click Save.