Rolling Back a Hotfix / Patch

Deep Discovery Director has a rollback function to undo an update and revert the product to its pre-update state. Use this function if you encounter problems with the product after a particular hotfix or patch is applied.


Rolling back a hotfix or patch will automatically restart Deep Discovery Director if it is required to complete the rollback. Verify that all tasks on the management console have been completed before rollback.

  1. Go to Administration > Updates > Hotfixes / Patches.
  2. In the History section, click Roll Back.

    Deep Discovery Director will automatically restart if it is required to complete the rollback.

  3. Log on to the management console.
  4. Go back to the Administration > Updates > Hotfixes / Patches screen.
  5. Verify that the hotfix or patch rollback is displayed as the most recent entry in the History section.