Configuring Port Binding

Deep Discovery Director supports the binding of services to a second network port.

When this feature is selected, Deep Discovery Director directs all connections to the license update server through eth1.

  • This feature cannot be configured from the Preconfiguration Console.

  • In Distributed mode:

    • All connections to the Central Repository server and the license update server are directed through eth1.

    • This feature can only be configured on the management console of the Management Server and the Local Repository.

  1. Select eth0 (management) and eth1 to bind your services to.

    This feature requires at least two network interface cards to be installed and configured. The feature will be hidden from the Network screen otherwise.

    A new eth1 section to configure network settings for the second network port displays under the existing eth0 (management) section.

  2. Configure the IP address and other network settings of the second network port.
  3. Click Save.