Back Up

Use the Back Up screen, in Administration > System Maintenance > Back Up, to export a backup file of most of the configuration settings and the database, and to configure automatic backups of those.

The following table shows the screens and elements with backed up configuration settings.

Table 1. Backed Up Configuration Settings




Appliance tree with group structure

Registered appliances and appliance details

Appliance Updates > Plans

All plans

Appliance Updates > Connection Settings > Central Repository

Central Repository settings

Appliance Updates > Connection Settings > Local Repository

Local Repository off-hour settings

Local Repository server assignments

Administration > Alerts

All alert settings

Administration > Microsoft Active Directory Integration

Microsoft Active Directory server settings

Administration > System Settings > Proxy

Proxy settings

Administration > System Settings > Bandwidth

Bandwidth usage throttling settings

Administration > System Settings > Time

Time settings

Administration > System Settings > Certificate


Administration > System Settings > Session Timeout

Session timeout value

Administration > Accounts

All user accounts

Administration > System Logs

All system logs

Administration > System Maintenance > Storage

Storage values

Administration > System Maintenance > Back Up

Automatic backup settings


API key