System Logs

Use the System Logs screen, under Administration > System Logs, to view, query and export system logs.

Deep Discovery Director maintains system logs that provide summaries about user access, setting changes, and other configuration modifications that occurred using the management console.

Deep Discovery Director stores system logs in the appliance hard drive.

Query system logs to gather information from the database. The queried system logs can be exported in CSV format for offline viewing.

For details, see Querying System Logs.

The following table lists all system-log-related information:

Table 1. System Log Information




Event date and time

Event ID

Event identifier

Each specific action has its own event ID. Examples:

  • 20001

    Description: User logged on

  • 20002

    Description: User logged off


One of the following types displays:

  • Account Logon/Logoff

  • System

  • Update


One of the following levels displays:

  • Informational

  • Warning

  • Error


One of the following results displays:

  • Successful

  • Unsuccessful


Activity by source

Information about the following sources may display:

  • user name

    Example: johnadmin

  • system

    Example: SYSTEM

IP Address

Event IP address


Event details