Configuring Microsoft Active Directory Integration

  1. Obtain the information required to configure Microsoft Active Directory integration from the server administrator.
  2. Go to Administration > Microsoft Active Directory Integration.
  3. Select the server type that is integrating.
    • Microsoft Active Directory

    • Microsoft AD Global Catalog

  4. Type the server address.
  5. Select the encryption method.
    • SSL


  6. Type the port number.

    Trend Micro recommends using the following default ports:

    • For Microsoft Active Directory:

      • SSL: 636

      • STARTTLS: 389

    • For Microsoft AD Global Catalog:

      • SSL: 3269

      • StartTLS: 3268

  7. Type the base distinguished name.
  8. Type the user name.
  9. Type the password.
  10. (Optional) Click Test Connection to verify that a connection to the Microsoft Active Directory server can be established using the specified information.
  11. (Optional) If your organization uses a CA certificate, select Use CA certificate and click Select to locate the CA certificate file.
  12. Click Save.