Use the License screen, in Administration > License, to view, activate, and renew the Deep Discovery Director license.

The License screen includes the following information and options.

Table 1. License Details




Displays either Activated, Not Activated, or Expired.

Deep Discovery Director does not allow the creation of new plans when the license status is Not Activated or Expired. Existing plans will deploy and execute as usual.

Click View details to view detailed license information from the Trend Micro website. If the status changes (for example, after you renewed the license) but the correct status is not indicated in the screen, click Refresh.


If proxy settings are enabled, Deep Discovery Director connects to the license update server using the proxy server.


  • Full: Provides access to all product features

  • Trial: Provides access to all product features

Expiration date

View the expiration date of the license. Renew the license before it expires. Click View renewal instructions to view instructions from the Trend Micro website.

Activation Code

View the Activation Code in this section. If your license has expired, obtain a new Activation Code from Trend Micro. To renew the license, click New Activation Code, and type the new Activation Code.

The License screen reappears displaying the number of days left before the product expires.


Deep Discovery Director can be activated with the Activation Code of any Deep Discovery product.