Editing Alerts

Edit alerts to modify the frequency at which they are generated, and to modify alert recipients. The rule criteria are displayed at the beginning of the screen.


By default, alerts are enabled and configured to be sent to all contacts with valid email addresses.

  1. Go to Administration > Alerts.

    The Edit Alerts screen appears.

  2. Toggle the status of this alert.
  3. Select the frequency at which the alert is generated when the rule criteria are met or exceeded:
    • Immediate

    • Once every 5 minutes

    • Once every 30 minutes

    • Once every 1 hour

    • Once a day

    • A shorter alert frequency means that the alert will be generated more often. Select a longer alert frequency to reduce the noise the alert generates.

    • This setting cannot be configured for all alerts.

  4. (Optional) Select or disable Send to all accounts.

    This setting can be used in combination with the recipients list.

  5. (Optional) Select a contact, type to search, or type an email address and press ENTER.

    The contact or account is added to the recipients list.

  6. Click Save.