Viewing Synchronized Suspicious Objects

View synchronized suspicious objects to understand your risk, find related detections, and assess the relative prevalence of the suspicious object.

  1. Go to Threat Intelligence > Product Intelligence > Synchronized Suspicious Objects.

    The Synchronized Suspicious Objects screen appears.

  2. Click the drop-down for detection type and then select one of the following detection types:
    • All (default)

    • IP addresses

    • URLs

    • File SHA-1

    • Domains

  3. To configure display settings, hover over the Network Detections or Email Messages icon in the column title and select Display Settings.

    The Display Settings dialog appears.

  4. Select a time period.
  5. Select which appliances to include as data source, and domains from which email messages should be displayed.

    The time period, data source, and monitored domain filters only affect the Detections numbers.

  6. To run a search, type an IP address, domain, URL or SHA-1 hash value in the search text box, and then press ENTER or click the magnifying glass icon.
  7. (Optional) Click a number in the Network Detections or Email Messages column to drill-down to the Network Detections or Email Messages screen with filters applied.
  8. (Optional) Click on the column titles to sort the list of synchronized suspicious objects.