Viewing C&C Callback Addresses

  1. Go to Threat Intelligence > Product Intelligence > C&C Callback Addresses.

    The C&C Callback Addresses screen appears.

  2. Click the drop-down for detection type and then select one of the following detection types:
    • All (default)

    • IP addresses

    • URLs

    • Domains

  3. To configure display settings, hover over the Callbacks column title and select Display Settings.

    The Display Settings dialog appears.

  4. Select a time period.
  5. Select which appliances to include as data source.

    The time period and data source filters only affect the Callbacks numbers.

  6. To run a partial match search, type a case-insensitive keyword in the search text box, and then press ENTER or click the magnifying glass icon.
  7. (Optional) Click a number in the Callbacks column to drill-down to the Network Detections screen with filters applied.
  8. (Optional) Click on the column titles to sort the list of C&C callback addresses.