YARA Rules

Deep Discovery products use YARA rules to identify malware. YARA rules are malware detection patterns that are fully customizable to identify targeted attacks and security threats specific to your environment.

Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) supports a maximum of 5,000 YARA rules regardless of the number of YARA rule files.

The following table shows information about YARA rule files.

Table 1. YARA Rules



File Name

Name of the YARA rule file.


Number of YARA rules contained in the YARA rule file.

Files To Analyze

File types to analyze using the YARA rules in the YARA rule file.

Risk Level

Risk level of the YARA rules.


Only Deep Discovery Email Inspector utilizes these risk levels.

Last Updated

Date and time the YARA rule file was last updated.

Updated By

The account that last updated the YARA rule file.