The documentation set for Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) includes the following:

Table 1. Product Documentation



Administrator's Guide

The Administrator's Guide contains detailed instructions on how to configure and manage Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode), and explanations on Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) concepts and features.

Syslog Content Mapping Guide

The Syslog Content Mapping Guide provides information about log management standards and syntaxes for implementing syslog events in Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode).


The Readme contains late-breaking product information that is not found in the online or printed documentation. Topics include a description of new features, known issues, and product release history.

Online Help

Web-based documentation that is accessible from the Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) management console.

The Online Help contains explanations of Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) components and features, as well as procedures needed to configure Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode).

Support Portal

The Support Portal is an online database of problem-solving and troubleshooting information. It provides the latest information about known product issues. To access the Support Portal, go to the following website:

View and download product documentation from the Trend Micro Online Help Center: