What's New

Table 1. What's New in Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) 3.5



Deep Discovery Email Inspector log aggregation

Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) now aggregates Deep Discovery Email Inspector detection, email message tracking and MTA logs. Using the same intuitive multi-level format that Deep Discovery Email Inspector users are accustomed to, the Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) management console provides real-time threat visibility and analysis.

Deep Discovery Email Inspector widgets

The enhanced Dashboard now provides Deep Discovery Email Inspector widgets that allow administrators to view email message detection and security related information.

Email Messages screen

The enhanced Detections screen now provides access email message detections.

Logs screen

The enhanced Appliances screen is now home to the new Logs screen where users can find Deep Discovery appliance related logs such as Email Message Tracking and MTA logs.

Email security alerts

Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) now provides built-in email security specific alerts as well as the option to create custom email security alerts.

Enhanced role-based access control

In addition to controlling which management console screens and features, and which appliances a role can see and manage, roles can now be customized to control which email message detections they can see by using domains.