Display Options and Search Filters

To customize the display, apply the following display options and search filters:

Table 1. Display Options and Search Filters: Network Detections

Filter Options


Detection severity

Filter options include the following detection severity settings:


Displays high severity detections


Displays medium severity detections


Displays low severity detections


Displays informational detections

All detection severity levels

Displays all detections


Last 24 hours

Last 7 days

last 14 days

Last 30 days

Last 60 days

Custom range

Data source

Select which appliances to include as data source.

Customize Columns

Display optional columns.

Basic search

Search for an IP address or host name.


Type a case-insensitive keyword in the basic search field to search a partial host match.

Saved Searches

Search by saved search criteria.

The Network Detections view includes the following preset searches:

  • Threats

  • Known Threats

  • Potential Threats

  • Email Threats

  • Ransomware

  • Detections with Correlation Data


    Deep Discovery Inspector must be integrated with Network Analytics servers to display correlation data.

Advanced Search

Search by user-defined criteria sets.

Each set includes one or more of the following:

  • Attributes

  • Operators

  • Associated values

For details, see Network Detections Advanced Search Filter.