Display Options and Search Filters

To customize the display, apply the following display options and search filters:

Table 1. Display Options and Search Filters: Email Messages

Filter Options


Risk level

Filter options include the following risk level settings:


Displays high-risk email messages


Displays medium-risk email messages


Displays low-risk email messages


Displays spam/graymail messages and email messages with content violation


Displays all email messages


Last 24 hours

Last 7 days

last 14 days

Last 30 days

Last 60 days

Custom range

Monitored domain

Select domains from which email messages should be displayed.

Basic search

Type a case-insensitive keyword in the basic search field to search a partial sender, email header (from), recipient or email header (to) match.

Saved Searches

Search by saved search criteria.

Advanced Search

Search by user-defined criteria sets.

Each set includes one or more of the following:

  • Attributes

  • Operators

  • Associated values

Customize Columns

Customize the display by hiding or displaying columns.