Overview of the Correlation Data Screen

The Correlation Data screen consists of the following main sections:

  • Summary

  • Correlation Data Graph

  • Transaction Data


The Summary section provides a high-level overview of the malicious activity, risk level, and risk analysis for the correlation data.

You can click on for more summary details.

See Reviewing the Correlation Data Summary.

Correlation Data Graph

The Correlation Data Graph section is a visual representation of correlations made between the correlated event or suspicious object selected in Deep Discovery Director and other related events as they occur over time.

See Analysis Using the Correlation Data Graph.

Transaction Data

The Transaction Data section provides details about each transaction that is represented in the Correlation Data Graph section.

Transactions are listed from oldest transaction at the top to the most recent transaction at the bottom. Listed transactions might have occurred in a single day or might span several months, depending on the correlations found by Deep Discovery Director - Network Analytics.

See Analysis Using Transaction Data.