Display Options and Search Filters

To customize the display, apply the following display options and search filters:

Table 1. Display Options and Search Filters: Correlated Events

Filter Options



Filter options include the following severity settings:


Displays high severity events


Displays medium severity events


Displays low severity events


Displays all events


Last 24 hours

Last 7 days

last 14 days

Last 30 days

Last 60 days

Custom range

Attack Pattern

Filter options include the following attack patterns:

All attack patterns

Displays all events

Brute Force Authentication

Displays events with brute force authentication attack patterns

CnC Callback

Displays events with C&C callback attack patterns

Data Exfiltration

Displays events with data exfiltration attack patterns

Lateral Probing

Displays events with lateral probing attack patterns

Malicious Download

Displays events with malicious download attack patterns

Phone Home

Displays events with phone home attack patterns

Vulnerability Exploit

Displays events with vulnerability exploit attack patterns

Other Malicious Activities

Displays events with malicious activity attack patterns


Displays events with undefined attack patterns

Data source

Select which appliances to include as data source.

Basic search

Search for an interested IP address.