Uploading Files

Information about files that are being uploaded to Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) is displayed in this tab.

To cancel a file upload, click on the x beside the upload.

File uploads are done in the following stages:

Table 1. File Upload Stages



1: Calculating

The first parts of the file upload are being verified to ensure that the file upload is valid.

2: Uploading to the repository

The file is being uploaded to the repository. All SFTP server and network folder file uploads can be cancelled by any user.

3: Processing

The file upload to the repository has completed and integrity is being verified. File uploads cannot be cancelled in this stage.

File uploads display the following information:

Table 2. Information about File Uploads



File name

The file name.

(X KB / MB / GB)

The file size in KB / MB / GB.

Time left

The estimated time until the file upload is complete based on the file size and upload speed.

(X KB/s / MB/s / GB/s)

The upload speed in KB/s / MB/s / GB/s.