Other Plan Tasks

You can also perform the following tasks:

Table 1. Other Tasks




Add one of the following types of plans to Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode).


Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) does not allow the creation of new plans when the license status is Not Activated or Expired. Existing plans will deploy and execute as usual.

To activate Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode), see License.


Click a plan name with the status Pending and then click Edit.


Only plans that have not been deployed can be edited.

Cancel plan

Click a plan name with any of the following statuses and then click Cancel Plan:

  • Pending

  • In progress

  • Suspended


Select a plan in the list and click Copy.

Create plan

Click a plan with the status Unsuccessful and then click Create Plan. Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) will create a new plan based on the settings of the unsuccessfully deployed plan.


Select a plan in the list with the status Pending and click Delete.