Plans define the scope and schedule of deployments to target appliances.

Each plan is created for a specific set of target appliances and is deployed only once during a user-defined period. The plan to be deployed must match the product and language of the target appliances.

When a plan is deployed, Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) sends instructions to the target appliances on when to download required files, and on when to execute the plan. If the plan is not deployed immediately, appliances download files and execute the plan according to a schedule with the following factors:

  • Deployment start

  • Download period

  • Execution start


All times are based on appliance local time

The Plans screen displays a list of all created plans with the following information:

Table 1. Plans




Specified during plan creation


Type of plan deployed to targets. Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) currently supports the following plan types:

  • Hotfix / Critical patch / Firmware

  • Virtual Analyzer images

  • Configuration replication


A plan can have any of the following statuses:

  • In progress: Deployment started at the specified time and at least one appliance has executed the plan.

  • Pending: Deployment has not started or no appliances have received plan information from Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode).

  • Completed: Deployment started at the specified time and all appliances successfully executed the plan.

  • Unsuccessful: Deployment did not start at the specified time or at least one appliance was unable to execute the plan.


When a plan is scheduled to deploy and execute. Can display one of the following:

  • Custom: Plan deployment, required file downloads, and plan execution happen according to a schedule. All times are based on appliance local time.

  • Immediate: Plan is deployed immediately, and appliances execute the plan immediately after downloading required files. All times are based on server local time.

Deployment Start

Date and time deployment starts or started


Specified during plan creation


User account that created the plan


The list view can be filtered by clicking the Filters button and using the drop-down lists and search box that appear.