Viewing Email Message Tracking Logs

  1. Go to Appliances > Logs > Email Message Tracking.

    The Email Message Tracking screen appears.

  2. Select the risk level by using the drop-down control.
  3. Select a time period.
  4. Select domains from which email messages should be displayed.
  5. To run a basic search, type a keyword in the search text box, and then press ENTER or click the magnifying glass icon.

    By default, Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) searches Email Messages by Recipients, Email Header (To), Sender, Email Header (From).

  6. To create and apply an advanced search filter, click Advanced.

    For details, see Email Message Tracking Advanced Search Filters.

  7. (Optional) Click the Export icon, select a delimiter to use, and then click OK to export and download the currently filtered list of email message tracking logs to a CSV file with the chosen delimiter.