Adding an Email Message Tracking Advanced Search Filter

  1. To create an Email Message Tracking advanced search filter, go to Appliances > Logs > Email Message Tracking, and then click Advanced.
  2. Select an attribute and an associated operator.
  3. Do one of the following to provide an action:
    • Type a value in the text box.

    • Select a value from the drop-down list.


    Type a keyword to search a partial match.


    You can add multiple criteria entries by pressing ENTER after typing a value.

  4. (Optional) Click AND or OR to include other criteria sets in the search filter.
  5. Click Apply.

    The Email Message Tracking screen updates and displays data filtered by the search criteria. All search criteria sets are displayed in a summary.

  6. (Optional) Click the right-arrow icon beside the Risk level drop-down list to close the advanced search feature.