The Directory displays information about Deep Discovery appliances that are registered to Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode).

  • Left pane: Appliance tree with groups (represented by folders) and appliances (identified by display names, initially identical to their host names)


    An exclamation mark icon attached to the appliance icon indicates that the connection with this appliance has been lost.

  • Right pane: Information about plans, appliances, installed or hosted update files, etc.

On fresh installations, the Directory is empty and only displays the following default groups:

  • Managed: Appliances placed in this group can receive plan information, updates, and Virtual Analyzer images from Deep Discovery Director. Appliances can also replicate their configuration to and from other compatible appliances.

  • Unmanaged: Appliances placed in this group cannot receive plan information, updates, Virtual Analyzer images, or replicate their configuration.

Appliances can register to Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) on their respective management consoles. Newly registered appliances first appear in the Unmanaged group but can be moved to the Managed group at any time.