Triggered Alerts

The Triggered Alerts screen displays the following information:

Table 1. Triggered Alerts Columns




The date and time when the alert was triggered.

Alert Level

An alert can be classified as any of the following levels.

  • Critical: The event requires immediate attention

  • Important: The event requires observation

  • Informational: The event requires limited observation


The type of rule that can trigger an alert can be any of the following:

  • System: A built-in, system related rule.

  • Email Security: An email security related rule.

  • Network Security: A network security related rule.

  • Custom: A user-specified custom rule.


The rule that triggered the alert.


The summarized criteria of the rule.

For custom rules, displays the advanced search filter.


The triggered alert occurrences. Click the number to drill down to the Network Detections or Email Messages screen.


The number of records displayed on the Network Detections or Email Messages screen may differ from the number of events displayed on the Triggered Alerts screen because the related detection logs have been purged, or because appliances with related detections have been:

  • Moved to the Unmanaged group

  • Deleted from Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode)

  • Unregistered from Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode)


Click the icon to view the full alert details, including the list of recipients, subject, and message of the alert.


The list view can be filtered by clicking the Filters button and using the drop-down lists and search box that appear.