Built-in Rules

The Built-in Rules screen displays the following information:

Table 1. Built-in Rules Columns



Alert Level

An alert can be classified as any of the following levels.

  • Critical: The event requires immediate attention

  • Important: The event requires observation

  • Informational: The event requires limited observation


The type of rule that can trigger an alert can be any of the following:

  • System: A built-in, system related rule.

  • Email Security: An email security related rule.

  • Network Security: A network security related rule.


The rule that triggers the alert.

To edit a rule, click on any link in the Rule column.


The summarized criteria of the rule.

Alert Frequency

The frequency at which the alert is generated when the rule criteria are met or exceeded.

Last Triggered

The date and time when the alert was last triggered.


Click the toggle to enable or disable the rule.