Hotfixes / Patches

Use the Hotfixes / Patches screen, in Administration > Updates > Hotfixes / Patches, to install Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) hotfixes and patches. After an official product release, Trend Micro releases system updates to address issues, enhance product performance, or add new features.

Table 1. Hotfixes / Patches

System Update



A hotfix is a workaround or solution to a single customer-reported issue. Hotfixes are issue-specific, and are not released to all customers.


A new hotfix may include previous hotfixes until Trend Micro releases a patch.


A patch is a group of hot fixes and security patches that solve multiple program issues. Trend Micro makes patches available on a regular basis. Non-Windows patches commonly include a setup script.

Your vendor or support provider may contact you when these items become available. Check the Trend Micro website for information on new hotfix and patch releases: