Adding an Active Directory User Account or Group

If your company uses Microsoft Active Directory to manage user accounts and groups, you can enable those user accounts and groups access to Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode).

  • Microsoft Active Directory settings have to be configured before an Active Directory user account or group can be added.

    For details, see Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) syncs Microsoft Active Directory user accounts and groups every 24 hours. User accounts or groups that are removed from the Active Directory server will be removed from Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) after syncing with the Active Directory server.

  • If a Microsoft Active Directory user is a member of one or more groups, the user's level of access in Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) is determined by the highest level of access granted to the user's Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode) account or any group the user is a member of.

  1. Go to Administration > Account Management > Accounts, and then click Add.

    The Add Account screen appears.

  2. Toggle the Status of this account.
  3. Select Active Directory user or group as the Type of this account.
  4. Type a user or group name and click Search to search the Active Directory for matching user accounts or groups.

    Matching user accounts and groups are displayed in the results table.


    User accounts are not displayed in the results table if:

    • The user account's User Principle Name (UPN) is not specified on the Active Directory server

    • The user account is disabled on the Active Directory server

  5. Select the Active Directory user account or group to add.

    The Active Directory email address of the user account or group will be used on Deep Discovery Director (Consolidated Mode).

  6. Select a Role for this account. The role determines the level of access this account has.

    For details, see Roles.

  7. (Optional) Type a description for this account.
  8. Click Save.