Virtual Analyzer

Virtual Analyzer is a secure virtual environment that manages and analyzes objects submitted by integrated products, administrators, and investigators. Custom sandbox images enable observation of files, URLs, registry entries, API calls, and other objects in environments that match your system configuration.

Virtual Analyzer performs static and dynamic analysis to identify an object's notable characteristics in the following categories:

  • Anti-security and self-preservation

  • Autostart or other system configuration

  • Deception and social engineering

  • File drop, download, sharing, or replication

  • Hijack, redirection, or data theft

  • Malformed, defective, or with known malware traits

  • Process, service, or memory object change

  • Rootkit, cloaking

  • Suspicious network or messaging activity

During analysis, Virtual Analyzer rates the characteristics in context and then assigns a risk level to the object based on the accumulated ratings. Virtual Analyzer also generates analysis reports, suspicious object lists, PCAP files, and OpenIOC files that can be used in investigations.

It works in conjunction with Threat Connect, the Trend Micro service that correlates suspicious objects detected in your environment and threat data from the Smart Protection Network.