Reanalyzing Samples

You can reanalyze selected samples to:

  • Remove the existing analysis result

  • Resubmit the sample to the queue

  • Reanalyze the sample again, ignoring any cached data


You can also reanalysis samples with interactive mode enabled.

  1. Go to Virtual Analyzer > Submissions.
  2. Select one or more samples and click Reanalyze.
  3. (Optional) Select Delete associated suspicious objects to remove suspicious objects detected from the last sample analysis.
  4. (Optional) To allow VNC access to Virtual Analyzer for the sample analysis, select Enable interactive mode for this sample analysis and configure the following settings:
    1. Select a Windows image.

    2. Select a timeout period.

      • Deep Discovery Analyzer starts the countdown timer for the timeout when a sample is submitted successfully. When the timeout period is reached, Deep Discovery Analyzer terminates VNC access, even when an analysis is still in progress. For example, when you configure a timeout period of 30 minutes for a sample submission and start a VNC session after 5 minutes, the remaining time for the session is 25 minutes.

      • The actual timeout period for an archive file may be longer than the setting you specify because Deep Discovery Analyzer starts the timeout countdown separately for each file in the archive.

    3. Select the Automatic analysis method to have Virtual Analyzer start the analysis automatically when you access the image using a VNC client; otherwise, select Manual to manually start the analysis after you have started the VNC session.

    • Interactive mode is not available for URL list submissions or when more than one sample is selected for reanalysis.

    • Deep Discovery Analyzer administrators can configure advanced interactive mode settings (such as port range and security password for VNC access).

      For more information, see Interactive Mode Tab.

  5. Click Continue.