Applying Advanced Filters

  1. Click Advanced. The filter bar appears.
  2. In the Filter drop-down box, select an attribute.
  3. Depending on the attribute selected, specify any additional details required by the attribute.
  4. To add another attribute, click .

    To remove an attribute, click . You cannot delete the last filter.

  5. Click Apply to immediately apply the filter to the current table.

    Once applied, the following options are available:

    • Edit: Modify the current filter

    • Clear: Removes the applied filter

    • Save: Saves any changes made to the filter, or saves the filter under a new name

      • Filters are saved in the tab where they were created. However, Deep Discovery Analyzer does not allow duplicate filter names, even if they were saved in a different tab.

      • Click ▼ on the search text box to view all filters saved for the current tab. Selecting a saved filter immediately applies that filter to the current table.

      • Click to delete a saved filter.

  6. Click Cancel to discard the current filter.