Smart Feedback Tab

Deep Discovery Analyzer integrates the new Trend Micro Feedback Engine. This engine sends threat information to the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, which allows Trend Micro to identify and protect against new threats. Participation in Smart Feedback authorizes Trend Micro to collect certain information from your network, which is kept in strict confidence.

Information collected by Smart Feedback:

  • Product ID and version

  • URLs suspected to be fraudulent or possible sources of threats

  • Metadata of detected files (file type, file size, SHA-1 hash value, and SHA-1 hash value of parent file)

  • Detection logs (from Advanced Threat Scan Engine, Predictive Machine Learning engine, and Virtual Analyzer)

  • Sample of the following detected file types: bat, class, cmd, dll, exe, htm, html, jar, js, lnk, macho, mov, ps1, svg, swf, url, vbe, vbs, wsf

  • Macros in Microsoft Office files