What's New

Table 1. What's New in Deep Discovery Analyzer 7.2



Enhanced network share scanning

The network share scanning feature has been enhanced to analyze files hosted on the following cloud storage services:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3

  • Microsoft Azure Blob

Enhanced sample submissions

The sample submission feature has been enhanced to include the following:

  • Sample submission policies that allow Deep Discovery Analyzer to analyze samples using a specified Virtual Analyzer image based on the file type and submitters

  • For manual sample submissions, include the submitter name (the logon account user name) information in syslog, data backup, and Submissions screen display and export

Enhanced Trend Micro Vision One integration

The enhanced Trend Micro Vision One integration allows Deep Discovery Analyzer to use a Service Gateway as an alternative local source for ActiveUpdate or Smart Protection Services.

Enhanced Virtual Analyzer

The internal Virtual Analyzer has been enhanced. This release adds the following features:

  • Windows 10 21H1 and RedHat 7.9 image support

  • Support Microsoft Edge (Chromium) in Windows images.

  • Support for MITRE ATT@CK™ version 9 to include additional sub-techniques information in analysis reports

  • YARA file scanning performance enhancement

  • New file type (.shtml)

Enhanced alert notification

The alert notification for the account locked event has been enhanced to include the source IP address.

Enhanced Submissions screens

This release of Deep Discovery Analyzer provides the following features on the Submissions screens:

  • Support sample deletion on the Processing tab. The system automatically moves deleted samples to the Unsuccessful tab.

  • Include sub-techniques information in detailed sample information display

Inline migration from Deep Discovery Analyzer 7.0 and 7.1

On hardware models 1100 and 1200, Deep Discovery Analyzer can automatically migrate the settings of a Deep Discovery Analyzer 7.0 (with critical patch b1259) or 7.1 (with critical patch b1149) installation to 7.2.