Service Addresses and Ports

Deep Discovery Analyzer accesses several Trend Micro services to obtain information about emerging threats and to manage your existing Trend Micro products. The following table describes each service and provides the required address and port information accessible to the product version in your region.

Table 1. Service Addresses and Ports



Address and Port

ActiveUpdate Server

Provides updates for product components, including pattern files. Trend Micro regularly releases component updates through the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server.

Certified Safe Software Service (CSSS)

Verifies the safety of files. Certified Safe Software Service reduces false positives, and saves computing time and resources.

Sandbox as a Service (for macOS)

A hosted service that analyzes possible threats for macOS.

Community Domain/IP Reputation Service

Determines the prevalence of detected domains and IP addresses. Prevalence is a statistical concept referring to the number of times a domain or IP address was detected by Trend Micro sensors at a given time.

Community File Reputation

Determines the prevalence of detected files. Prevalence is a statistical concept referring to the number of times a file was detected by Trend Micro sensors at a given time.

Customer Licensing Portal

Manages your customer information, subscriptions, and product or service license.

Dynamic URL Scanning

Performs real-time analysis of URLs to detect zero-day attacks.

Predictive Machine Learning engine

Through use of malware modeling, Predictive Machine Learning compares samples to the malware models, assigns a probability score, and determines the probable malware type that a file contains.

Smart Feedback

Shares protected threat information with the Smart Protection Network, allowing Trend Micro to rapidly identify and address new threats. Trend Micro Smart Feedback may include product information such as the product name, ID, and version, as well as detection information including file types, SHA-1 hash values, URLs, IP addresses, and domains.

Threat Connect

Correlates suspicious objects detected in your environment and threat data from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. The resulting intelligence reports enable you to investigate potential threats and take actions pertinent to your attack profile.

Web Inspection Service

Web Inspection Service is an auxiliary service of Web Reputation Services, providing granular levels of threat results and comprehensive threat names to users.

The threat name and severity can be used as filtering criteria for proactive actions and further intensive scanning.

Web Reputation Services

Tracks the credibility of web domains. Web Reputation Services assigns reputation scores based on factors such as a website's age, historical location changes, and indications of suspicious activities discovered through malware behavior analysis.