Components Tab

The Components tab shows the security components currently in use.

Table 1. Components



Advanced Threat Correlation Pattern

‚ÄčThe Advanced Threat Correlation Pattern contains a list of file features that are not relevant to any known threats.

Advanced Threat Scan Engine

for Deep Discovery (Linux, 64-bit)

The Advanced Threat Scan Engine protects against viruses, malware, and exploits to vulnerabilities in software such as Java and Flash. Integrated with the Trend Micro Virus Scan Engine, the Advanced Threat Scan Engine employs signature-based, behavior-based, and aggressive heuristic detection.

Contextual Intelligence Query Handler

(Linux, 64-bit)

‚ÄčThe Contextual Intelligence Query Handler processes the behaviors identified by the Contextual Intelligence Engine and sends the report to the Predictive Machine Learning engine.

Deep Discovery Malware Pattern

The Deep Discovery Malware Pattern contains information that helps Deep Discovery Analyzer identify the latest malware and mixed threat attacks. Trend Micro creates and releases new versions of the pattern several times a week, and any time after the discovery of a particularly damaging virus/malware.

IntelliTrap Exception Pattern

The IntelliTrap Exception Pattern contains detection routines for safe compressed executable (packed) files to reduce the amount of false positives during IntelliTrap scanning.

IntelliTrap Pattern

The IntelliTrap Pattern contains the detection routines for compressed executable (packed) file types that are known to commonly obfuscate malware and other potential threats.

Network Content Correlation Pattern

The Network Content Correlation Pattern implements detection rules defined by Trend Micro.

Network Content Inspection Engine

(Linux, User mode, 64-bit)

The Network Content Inspection Engine is used to perform network scanning.

Network Content Inspection Pattern

The Network Content Inspection Pattern is used by the Network Content Inspection Engine to perform network scanning.

Script Analyzer Pattern

(Deep Discovery)

The Script Analyzer Pattern is used during analysis of web page scripts to identify malicious code.

Spyware/Grayware Pattern

The Spyware/Grayware Pattern identifies unique patterns of bits and bytes that signal the presence of certain types of potentially undesirable files and programs, such as adware and spyware, or other grayware.

Trusted Certificate Authorities

Trusted Certificate Authorities provides the trusted certificate authorities to verify PE signatures.

Virtual Analyzer Configuration Pattern

The Virtual Analyzer Configuration Pattern contains configuration information for Virtual Analyzer, such as supported threat types and supported file types.

Virtual Analyzer Sensors

Virtual Analyzer Sensors (Linux)

The Virtual Analyzer Sensors are a collection of utilities used to execute and detect malware and to record behavior in Virtual Analyzer (for Windows and Linux).

This screen includes the following options:



Update Now

Select one or more components, and click Update Now to manually update the selected components.


Select one or more components, and click Rollback to revert the selected components to a previous version.

Sync Version Information

Click to retrieve the component version from the update source, and review if any of the components need updates.

Update any component where the version displayed on the Version on Update Source column is greater than the current version. Additionally, Deep Discovery Analyzer displays the version numbers of components with available updates in a red font.