Replacing the Active Primary Appliance with a Secondary Appliance

If the active primary appliance is unresponsive or cannot be restored, and no passive primary appliance is deployed, it can be replaced by a secondary appliance from the same cluster.


Trend Micro recommends deployment of a passive primary appliance for high availability. For details, see Adding a Passive Primary Appliance to the Cluster.


Submissions do not have a result if they were being analyzed on the active primary appliance when it becomes unresponsive.

  1. Power off the active primary appliance.
  2. Select a secondary appliance from the same cluster and configure it as the new active primary appliance.
    1. On the management console of the secondary appliance, go to Administration > System Settings and click the Cluster tab.
    2. Select Primary mode (active).
    3. Click Save.
  3. Configure the IP address of the new active primary appliance.

    For details, see Network Tab.


    Trend Micro recommends using the same IP address as the original active primary appliance. This allows secondary appliances and integrated products to connect without reconfiguration.

  4. Verify the settings on the new active primary appliance.

    Settings take up to one day to propagate to secondary appliances.