Configuring Service Gateway Settings

  • Before you continue, obtain the required Service Gateway settings (for example, the server address and API key) from the Trend Micro Vision One administrator and ensure that the "Suspicious Object List Synchronization" feature is enabled in Trend Micro Vision One.

  • When integrated with Trend Micro Vision One, Deep Discovery Analyzer always synchronizes the suspicious objects and exceptions lists with Trend Micro Vision One.

  1. Go to Administration > Integrated Products/Services.

    The Trend Micro Vision One tab appears.

  2. Click Enable Service Gateway.
  3. Type the Service Gateway address.
  4. Type the API key.
  5. (Optional) Select Connect using a proxy server if proxy settings for Deep Discovery Analyzer have been configured for use with Trend Micro Vision One connection.
  6. (Optional) If your organization uses a CA certificate, select Use certificate and click Select to locate the certificate file.
  7. (Optional) Click Test Connection to test the connection to Trend Micro Vision One through the Service Gateway.
  8. Click Save.