Configuring Smart Protection Settings

  1. Go to Administration > Integrated Products/Services > Smart Protection.
  2. Select Enabled.
  3. Select a Smart Protection source:
    • Trend Micro Smart Protection Network™

      Trend Micro Smart Protection Network is a globally-scaled, cloud-based infrastructure providing reputation services to Trend Micro products that integrate Smart Protection technology. Deep Discovery Analyzer connects to the Smart Protection Network using HTTPS. Select this option if you do not plan to set up a Smart Protection Server.

    • Smart Protection Server

      Smart Protection Server does the following:

      • Provides Web Reputation Services as offered by Smart Protection Network

      • Relays these services to the global Trend Micro Smart Protection Network for network efficiency

      • Acts as a reverse proxy for Deep Discovery Analyzer to connect to global services

      As a Trend Micro product administrator, you must set up and maintain this server. Select this option if you have already set up a server.

  4. If you select Smart Protection Server, configure the following settings:
    1. Specify the Smart Protection Server IP address or fully qualified domain name and port number.

      Obtain the IP address by going to Smart Protection > Reputation Services > Web Reputation on the Smart Protection Server console.

      The IP address forms part of the URL listed on the screen.


      Trend Micro Vision One that can also act as a local Smart Protection Server for Deep Discovery Analyzer. In this case, specify the Service Gateway address.

    2. (Optional) Select Connect using a proxy server if proxy settings for Deep Discovery Analyzer have been configured for use with Smart Protection Server connections.

      If proxy settings are disabled, Smart Protection Server will connect to Deep Discovery Analyzer directly.

    3. (Optional) If your organization uses a CA certificate, select Use certificate and click Choose File or Browse to locate the certificate file.
    4. (Optional) If your organization uses a Certificate Revocation List, select Use CRL and click Choose File or Browse to locate the Certificate Revocation List file.

    Deep Discovery Analyzer supports connection to global services only if Smart Protection Server version 3.3 is used.


    When Smart Protection Server is selected as Smart Protection source, the following services and the ability to test their connectivity are enabled:

    • Certified Safe Software Service (CSSS)

    • Community File Reputation

    • Web Inspection Service

    • Predictive Machine Learning engine

    • Community Domain/IP Reputation Service

  5. Click Save.