About Smart Protection Server




If you have previously installed a Smart Protection Server for use with another Trend Micro product, you can use the same server for Deep Discovery Analyzer. While several Trend Micro products can send queries simultaneously, the Smart Protection Server may become overloaded as the volume of queries increases. Make sure that the Smart Protection Server can handle queries coming from different products. Contact your support provider for sizing guidelines and recommendations.

IP Address

Smart Protection Server and the VMware ESX/ESXi server (which hosts the Smart Protection Server) require unique IP addresses. Check the IP addresses of the VMware ESX/ESXi server and Deep Discovery Analyzer to make sure that these IP addresses are not assigned to the Smart Protection Server.


For installation instructions and requirements, refer to the Installation and Upgrade Guide for Trend Micro Smart Protection Server at https://docs.trendmicro.com/en-us/enterprise/smart-protection-server.aspx.