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Trend Micro Smart Protection technology is a next-generation, in-the-cloud protection solution providing File and Web Reputation Services. By integrating Web Reputation Services, Deep Discovery Analyzer can obtain reputation data for websites that users attempt to access. Deep Discovery Analyzer logs URLs that Smart Protection technology verifies to be fraudulent or known sources of threats and then uploads the logs for report generation.

Deep Discovery Analyzer connects to a Smart Protection source to obtain web reputation data.

Reputation services are delivered through the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network and Smart Protection Server. The following table provides a comparison.

Table 1. Smart Protection Sources

Basis of Comparison

Trend Micro Smart Protection Network

Smart Protection Server


A globally scaled, Internet-based infrastructure that provides File and Web Reputation Services to Trend Micro products that integrate smart protection technology

Localizes the File and Web Reputation Services to the corporate network to optimize efficiency.

The Smart Protection Server also provides the following:

  • Certified Safe Software Service

  • Community File Reputation

  • Web Inspection Service

  • Web Reputation Service

  • Predictive Machine Learning engine

  • Community Domain/IP Reputation Service


The Dynamic URL Scanning service is only available on the Smart Protection Network.


Hosted and maintained by Trend Micro

Installed and managed by Trend Micro product administrators

Connection protocol




Use if you do not plan to install Smart Protection Server

To configure Smart Protection Network as source, see Configuring Smart Protection Settings.

Use as primary source and the Smart Protection Network as an alternative source

For guidelines on setting up Smart Protection Server and configuring it as source, see Setting Up Smart Protection Server.