Contacts Tab

Use the Contacts tab, in Administration > Accounts / Contacts, to maintain a list of contacts who are interested in the data that your logs collect.

This screen includes the following options.

Table 1. Contacts Tasks



Add Contact

Click Add Contact to add a new account. This opens the Add Contact window, where you specify contact details. For details, see Add Contact Window.


Select a contact and then click Edit to edit contact details. This opens the Edit Contact window, which contains the same settings as the Add Contact window. For details, see Add Contact Window.

Only one contact can be edited at a time.


Select one or more contacts to delete and then click Delete.

Sort Column Data

Click a column title to sort the data below it.


If there are many entries in the table, type some characters in the Search text box to narrow down the entries. As you type, the entries that match the characters you typed are displayed. Deep Discovery Analyzer searches all cells in the table for matches.

Records and Pagination Controls

The panel at the bottom of the screen shows the total number of contacts. If all contacts cannot be displayed at the same time, use the pagination controls to view the contacts that are hidden from view.