Modifying Sandbox Instances

You can import up to four images (one Linux and three Windows images). The hardware specifications of your product determine the number of images that you can import and the number of instances that you can deploy per image.


Virtual Analyzer stops all analysis and keeps all samples in the queue whenever an image is added or deleted, or when instances are modified. All instances are also automatically redistributed whenever you add images.

  1. Go to Virtual Analyzer > Sandbox Management and click the Images tab.

    The Images screen appears.

  2. Click Modify.

    The Modify Sandbox Instances screen appears.

  3. (Optional) Modify the name of an image.
  4. Modify the instances allocated to any image.
  5. Click Configure.

    Virtual Analyzer displays a confirmation message.

  6. Click OK.

    Virtual Analyzer configures the sandbox instances. Please wait for the process to finish before navigating away from the screen.


    If configuration is unsuccessful, Virtual Analyzer reverts to the previous settings and displays an error message.