Images Tab

Virtual Analyzer does not contain any images by default. To analyze samples, you must prepare and import at least one image in the Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) format.

You can use existing VirtualBox or VMware images, or create new images using VirtualBox. For details, see Chapters 2 and 3 of the Virtual Analyzer Image Preparation User's Guide at

Before importing, validate and configure images using the Virtual Analyzer Image Preparation Tool. For details, see Chapter 4 of the Virtual Analyzer Image Preparation User's Guide.

The hardware specifications of your product determine the number of images that you can import and the number of instances that you can deploy per image.

You can view the following information on the Images screen:

  • The number of configured instances for an image

  • The number of instances in use

The following table describes the tasks that you can perform on the Images screen.

Table 1.



Import an image

Click Import to upload a new Virtual Analyzer image.

For more information, see Importing an Image.


For Linux images, Deep Discovery Analyzer supports CentOS 7.8 (64-bit) only.

Export an image

Select an image and click Export.

Change the image name or the number of sandbox instances

Select an image and click Modify.

For more information, see Modifying Sandbox Instances.

Display entries by platform

Select an option from the Platform drop-down list.