File Passwords Tab

Always handle suspicious files with caution. Trend Micro recommends adding such files to a password-protected archive file or password-protecting document files from being opened before transporting the files across the network. Deep Discovery Analyzer can also heuristically discover passwords in email messages to extract files.

Deep Discovery Analyzer uses user-specified passwords to extract files or open password-protected documents. For better performance, list commonly used passwords first.

Deep Discovery Analyzer supports the following password-protected archive file types:

  • 7z

  • alz

  • egg

  • rar

  • zip

Deep Discovery Analyzer supports the following password-protected document file types:

  • doc

  • docx

  • odp

  • odt

  • ods

  • pdf

  • ppt

  • pptx

  • xls

  • xlsx

If Virtual Analyzer is unable to extract files using any of the listed passwords, Deep Discovery Analyzer displays the error Unsupported file type and removes the archive file from the queue.

  • File passwords are stored as unencrypted text.

  • After you register Deep Discovery Analyzer to Deep Discovery Director, you can only export file passwords on the File Passwords screen. Deep Discovery Analyzer automatically synchronizes file password settings from Deep Discovery Director and overwrites existing file password settings that you have configured.

The following table describes the tasks that you can perform on the File Passwords screen.

Table 1.



Add a password

Click Add Password to add a password to the list.

For more information, see Adding File Passwords.

Import passwords

Click Import Passwords to import passwords from a selected file.

Export all passwords

Click Export All to export all file passwords and save the file on your computer.