Management Console Navigation

The management console consists of the following elements:

Table 1. Management Console Elements




The management console banner contains:

  • Product logo and name: Click to go to the dashboard. For details, see Dashboard Overview.

  • Name of the user currently logged on to the management console.

  • Change password link: Click to change current user password.

  • Log off link: Click to end the current console session and return to the logon screen.

  • System time: Displays the current system time and time zone.

Main Menu Bar

The main menu bar contains several menu items that allow you to configure product settings. For some menu items, such as Dashboard, clicking the item opens the corresponding screen. For other menu items, submenu items appear when you click or mouseover the menu item. Clicking a submenu item opens the corresponding screen.

Scroll Up and Arrow Buttons

Use the Scroll up option when a screen’s content exceeds the available screen space. Next to the Scroll up button is an arrow button that expands or collapses the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Context-sensitive Help

Use Help to find more information about the screen that is currently displayed.