Schedules Tab

The Schedules tab, in Alerts / Reports > Reports , shows all the report schedules created from report templates. Each schedule contains settings for reports, including the template that will be used and the actual schedule.


This screen does not contain any generated reports. To view the reports, navigate to Alerts / Reports > Reports > Schedules.

This tab includes the following options:

Table 1. Schedules Tasks



Add Schedule

Click Add Schedule to add a new report schedule. This opens the Add Report Schedule window, where you specify settings for the report schedule. For details, see Add Report Schedule Window.


Select a report schedule and then click Edit to edit its settings. This opens the Edit Report Schedule window, which contains the same settings in the Add Report Schedule window. For details, see Add Report Schedule Window.

Only one report schedule is edited at a time.


Select one or several report schedules to delete and then click Delete.

Sort Column Data

Click a column title to sort the data below it.

Records and Pagination Controls

The panel at the bottom of the screen shows the total number of report schedules. If all report schedules cannot be displayed at the same time, use the pagination controls to view the schedules that are hidden from view.