Component Update Settings Tab

The Component Update Settings tab allows you to configure automatic updates and the update source.



Automatic updates

Select Automatically check for updates to set Deep Discovery Analyzer to check for updates every 15 minutes. You may also specify the update to run at a specific time.

Update source

Select one of the following options and configure the require settings:

  • Select Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server to download components directly from the Trend Micro. Verify that Deep Discovery Analyzer has Internet connection.

    To authenticate the ActiveUpdate server, select Enable HTTPS authentication.


    If you select Enable HTTPS authentication and enable HTTPS decryption on your network (for example, on a secure gateway), it is recommended that you include the ActiveUpdate server URL in the approved list.

  • Select Other source to specify a different update source location. The update source URL must begin with “http://” or “https//:”.

    You can select Use system proxy to use the system proxy settings you configure on the Administration > System Settings > Proxy screen to connect to the update source.

    To verify the integrity of the update packages from other update sources, select Enable component update package integrity check. If you select this option, verify that the signature file is available on the update server for Deep Discovery Analyzer to verify the integrity of a component update package.

    If you need assistance setting up an update source, contact your support provider.

  • When the IPv6 address is part of a URL, enclose the address in square brackets ([]).

  • Verify that proxy settings are correct if Deep Discovery Analyzer requires a proxy server to connect to its update source. For details, see Proxy Tab.

  • You can also set Trend Micro Vision One as the update source for Deep Discovery Analyzer. To do this, enable ActiveUpdate on Trend Micro Vision One and configure the required settings that Deep Discovery Analyzer can obtain through Service Gateway.

    For more information, see the Trend Micro Vision One documentation.