Configuring Manager Requests

SNMP managers can use SNMP protocol commands to request Deep Discovery Analyzer system information.

  1. Go to Administration > System Settings > SNMP.
  2. Under Manager Requests, select Listen for requests from SNMP managers.
  3. Specify the manager request settings.



    Device location

    Specify the location of this appliance.

    Administrator contact

    Specify the administrator contact of this appliance.

    SNMP version

    Select the SNMP version:

    • SNMPv1/SNMPv2c

    • SNMPv3

      If you use SNMPv3, configure the SNMP server as follows:

      • Context Name: "" (default context)

      • Context Engine ID: <Auto>

      • (Optional) MD5 Authentication protocol: HMAC-MD5

      • (Optional) DES Privacy protocol: CBC-DES

    Allowed community names

    Specify a maximum of 5 community names.

    Security model

    Select the security model:

    • No authentication or privacy

    • Authenticated

    • Authenticated with privacy

    User name

    Specify the user name.


    Specify the password.

    Privacy passphrase

    Specify the privacy passphrase.

    Trusted manager server addresses

    Specify a maximum of 32 trusted manager server addresses.


    Before configuring the appliance, set up the SNMP server first using the same SNMP version, community name, security model, user name, password, and privacy passphrase.

  4. Click Save.
  5. (Optional) Click Download MIB to download the Management Information Database (MIB) files.
    • Users can open the MIB files to view all network objects that can be monitored and managed using the SNMP protocol, or import them into management consoles that support this protocol.

    • For a list of Deep Discovery Analyzer supported SNMP object identifiers (OID), see SNMP Object Identifiers.